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  • Limited-access road — For roads with an uninterrupted flow of traffic, commonly referred to as a motorway or freeway, see Controlled access highway. The Veterans Memorial Parkway in London, Ontario is a modern at grade expressway A limited access road known by various …   Wikipedia

  • Controlled-access highway — Freeway redirects here. For other meanings, see Freeway (disambiguation). A freeway with a wide grass median (Highway 402 in Canada) A controlled access highway is a highway designed exclusively for high speed vehicular traffic, with all traffic… …   Wikipedia

  • Freeway — A freeway mdash; also known as a highway, superhighway, autoroute, autobahn, autopista, autovía, autostrada, autosnelweg (Netherlands), dual carriageway, expressway, or motorway mdash; is a type of road designed for safer high speed operation of… …   Wikipedia

  • Expressway — An expressway is a divided highway for high speed traffic with at least partial control of access. However, as explained below, the degree of access allowed varies between countries and even between regions within the same country. In some… …   Wikipedia

  • North Coast Women's Care Medical Group v. Superior Court — North Coast Women s Care Medical Group vs. Superior Court (44 Cal. 4th 1145) is a case decided before the California Supreme Court on August 19, 2008, ruling that physicians must offer IVF services to gays and lesbians despite religious… …   Wikipedia

  • terminable interest — For estate tax purposes, an interest which terminated on or before the death of the one whose estate is sought to be taxed. Goodman v Granger (CA3 Pa) 243 F2d 264, cert den 355 US 835, 2 L Ed 2d 47, 78 S Ct 57. As to failure of terminable… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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